Who We Serve

Our Students

We strive to provide industry-relevant skills to our students and help them get their dream jobs via our outcome-focused programs and placements.

Our Employers

We provide a hiring pipeline via our alumni and enterprise programs to solve the talent and skill-set gap many organizations are facing today.

Community Partners

We make in-demand careers like software engineering more accessible to underserved communities through our scholarships and ISA programs.

Our Mission

To empower students to succeed in new careers in software development by our best-in-class programs.

Our Vision

To enhance higher education to be more practical, result oriented and relevant in today’s fast paced market. Our curriculum adapts to the ever-changing demands of the tech industry, giving an edge to our students with respect to practical, real-world scenarios.

They say education is
an investment. We say someone should be investing in students.

We founded iCode because we believe that the ‘traditional’ model of higher education is flawed. Every year students, some as young as 17, take on tens of thousands of Dirhams (AED) of student debt in hopes that the education they’re funding will land them upon graduation.

Unfortunately, traditional colleges and universities have no incentive to ensure their graduates get hired – they get paid regardless.

At iCode, we believe there is a better way to approach education.

Instead of asking our students to bet on us, we bet on them first. iCode’s model is built on Income Share Agreements (ISAs) – our students pay no tuition upfront, and agree to pay back 10% of their income post-graduation for two years, but only once they’re making AED 75,000 or more. And if they don’t find a high-paying job after 60 months of deferred payments? They pay nothing. This paradigm-shifting model allows us to align the incentives of the school with the incentives of our students – and we all win when our graduates succeed.

We’re in this together.

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Full Stack Web Development

From the database to the user interface, learn to code your own web applications from scratch and become a full-stack Web Developer.

Full-time (12 weeks)
From Monday to Friday, all day.

Data Science

From Python to advanced Machine Learning models, get all the skills to join a Data Science team.

Full-time (12 weeks)
From Monday to Friday, all day.

We are re-imagning education.
Are you in?