Data Science

Intensive training for a career in applied statistics and machine learning.

Your new career in data science starts here.

With 26% annual growth, Data Science continues to top emerging job lists year after year. Building on centuries of statistics and mathematics, Data Science uses computational techniques to help the most innovative companies in the world scale. From self-driving cars to dynamic business insights for Fortune 500 Companies, Data Science is changing the world. If you enjoy mathematics and love using data to make decisions, a career in data science could be for you.

Build real products on real teams.

Our curriculum is designed with your your prospective employer in mind. Our classes are interactive and have a rigorous structure so you’ll graduate with all the skills you need to make an impact on day one. Plus, you’ll build a real product with a team of 6-8 students .



Python and Statistics Fundamentals

Students jump right into a Python-based curriculum and explore and learn statistical analysis, including frequentist and Bayesian methods. Students master fundamental data science concepts while growing in skill with libraries like numpy, scipy, and pandas. 


Machine Learning & Prediction

In the second quarter, we dive into machine learning, working on real problems in classification, regression, and clustering using structured and unstructured data sets. We build a conceptual understanding of each model before practicing with libraries used in the industry.


Natural Language Processing & Recommenders

Students learn natural-language processing, recommender systems, neural networks, and time-series data. We gain experience with big data and data in the cloud. By the end of this section, students are well-versed in data science and ready to work independently.


Capstone Projects & Case Studies

Students work independently on three projects unique to their interests or career aspirations. These “capstone projects” solve real problems using the technical skills students have learned throughout the course. Students also work on several group case studies throughout the program, combining real-world data with what they’ve learned each week while practicing team-based software development.


Data Analyst. 
Machine Learning Engineer. 
Business Analyst.
Data Engineer. 
IT System Analyst. 
Data Analytics Consultant. 

Upcoming Data Science Batches

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Full Time - 12 Weeks
Mon - Fri, 8 AM to 5 PM.

Tuition options

Pay AED 0 upfront + ISA

Our Income Share Agreement is AED 0 upfront + 10% of salary for two years, AED 15,000 maximum total payment.

Pay AED 15,000 upfront

Instead of an Income Share Agreement, students can opt to pay iCode AED 15,000 upfront for tuition.

The application process

Step 1

Apply to iCode
Create your student profile, tell us about your background, and choose your track.

Step 2

Complete Precourse Work
These assignments will introduce basic technical concepts in your track and prepare you for success.

Step 3

Complete Enrollment Checklist
Provide proof of your education background, sign the Student Policy Agreement, pay tuition or sign your ISA. You’re in!

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