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iCode teaches people the skills they need to be career ready. Thanks to our proven curriculum and reputation with employers, students graduate ready to impact your business on day one.

Learn more about hiring our grads. No hiring fees.

We're not an institute.

Every iCode student is required to show 100% mastery of the material and have a 95% class attendance to graduate.

At iCode, each student attends 12 weeks of immersive coding that includes computer science fundamentals. And there’s no such thing as just squeaking by.

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Full Stack Web Development

From the database to the user interface, learn to code your own web applications from scratch and become a full-stack Web Developer.

Full-time (12 weeks)
From Monday to Friday, all day.

Data Science

From Python to advanced Machine Learning models, get all the skills to join a Data Science team.

Full-time (12 weeks)
From Monday to Friday, all day.

Rethink your hiring funnel

iCode’s unique model organically results in students from various cities, from various professional and personal backgrounds and a range of life experiences.

A bar as high as your hiring standards

iCode has a rigorous application process and only accepts 7% of applicants to each cohort, helping to ensure that every student has the grit.

Hiring solutions for companies
of every size

No hiring fees

Let us know what roles and skillsets you’re looking to fill and we’ll match you to a few students we think you’ll love at no cost to you.

No-risk hiring

Want to try out our candidate matching program before you make a full-time hire? Fill temporary gaps in your staff by hiring an iCode apprentice for 3-6 months, and if you love them, hire them full-time with no recruiting fees.